The restaurant

Healthy cuisine in the very heart of Barcelona

Our history begins in the middle of 2016. Illusioned, we embark on a journey towards the conquest of the stomachs of the neighbors and passers-by on Trafalgar Street, very close to Urquinaona, in the heart of the city.

Delicious. Of course, we believe that the food must be delicious and also be cooked with love, be healthy and be thought to take care of those who try it. We seek to contribute in society by pampering the palate and ensuring the nutritional health of those who visit us with a proposal of healthy flexitarian cuisine. Meaning some meat, lots of vegetables, whole grains, legumes and some eggs and fish. We love being able to offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options within the menu and declare our love for excellence, both fresh and seasonal.

We strive to transmit all that passion in every breakfast, lunch and snack in the everyday life of Buenaventura Café.

We select our suppliers carefully. We seek to strengthen the proximity trade and sustainability because it has clear benefits for our society. We demand that the processes of the raw material that we receive contribute to the sustainable development of our territory.

Our cafe and restaurant is located in the center of Barcelona for easy access. If you fancy, you can take a walk before or after your visit to the area, because it has a lot of charm.

La sala del restaurante Buenaventura

Full gastronomic experience

We have designed a simple and functional space to enjoy even more with all the senses. And with WIFI and free mobile phone chargers!

Healthy flexitarian cuisine

We offer a menu with which to enjoy a balanced diet with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

La cocina organica flexitariana
Nuestros clientes opinan sobre Buenaventura Cafe Barcelona

Customers opinion

Every day more people enjoy the experience at Buenaventura Café, see you there!

We support proximity trade

We are all part of the world. Promoting a sustainable economy is our duty.

Germinados ecologicos que usamos en los platos de Buenaventura Café