Xavi leads the Brot’s organic sprouts

Tuesday, halfway through the racking of dishes and deliveries of raw materials, Xavi appears by Buenaventura Café. He walks fast, smiling, and as he pulls a pair of blond curls out of his face, he hands us in the kitchen a box of fabulous germinated THE BROT in the most authentically sustainable way, on a skateboard.
Pure survival! He comments, since it is easier to make the deliveries like this than to go crazy trying to park the van at the door of each customer in the center of Barcelona.

Xavi carries on a very interesting lifestyle. One day, about two years ago, he left his wealthy career in the hostelry industry to bet heavily on a natural, quality and without additives product: the sprouts. He started and never looked back! Nowadays, everything is going great and his business is growing properly. In addition he can reconcile its two passions: agriculture and music. In fact he has several musical projects.
You can see him playing with his band The Four Nuts in Poble Nou this summer! His philosophy of deep respect for nature is reflected in the care of the germinated process. From Buenaventura we have been lucky enough to visit its facilities and we have seen with our own eyes how it handles with care and affection the fragile balance between light, shade, water, soil, seed orientation and space. With the correct combination of all these factors you get the perfect germinates.

The result of THE BROT is completely organic and without additives. It has been a long way to reach mastery because agriculture is a complex art despite it being ecological seeds and water, nothing more! At the moment the Catalan firm works no less than 18 varieties: peas, carrot, black and white mustard, clover, kale, cilantro, celery, dill, sunflower pipe among others and one of our favorites in the restaurant, radish hot spicy! Its flavor and texture give the perfect touch to many of our dishes. Thank you Xavi for sharing THE BROT story.

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